There may be nothing more peace-less than oil fracking. A few months ago, oil/gas drillers began to drill behind our house. Apparently it was a hot spot. Trucks in and out, “Friday night lights” lit up every night, and the noise! Ugh! It went on for, what seemed, weeks! We couldn’t even be outside; and even being inside by certain windows was distracting. I was getting beat down. I couldn’t think. It started to simmer and I developed a bad attitude towards the entire business itself.

One morning, as I pulled out of my garage, fuming about it for miles, while DRIVING MY VEHICLE to church. Asking God, why are we doing this to our planet? We are so greedy! Yes, I uppercased those 3 words for a reason. That rig may as well be my rig. I am part of the problem. But that aside – and that problem we will save for another day – I knew God had a lesson in this for me. The noise. In the distraction and the noise, there is a lesson. Not just on the oil drilling…but in each day there is “noise”.

You are permitted to understand the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, but others are not. Matthew 13:11

If you are a true seeker, you will hear Him. Even in the noise. Even in the distractions. If you pay attention to the noise, you will hear the noise. So what is the noise? Well, that is up for you decide. For me, it was my own selfishness. It was my lack of focus on Him and His goodness. It was on our earthly problems and issues. It wasn’t on Him.

I loved this lesson. Because wherever we go, and wherever we are in life, there is noise. There will be distractions and things that grab our attention away from Jesus. But to understand God’s Kingdom, we must focus on the Kingdom!

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