This past weekend was exhausting.  So much going on, so much celebration (minus the Sooner loss to ISU) that, I’m left with very little wind in my lungs.  It’s only Monday, and I have little left in me, at all. But, may I just say…it was the most gorgeous weekend, wasn’t it??  Wow!

I read a verse this morning that captured my attention; it’s not the first time I’ve read it, and it’s definitely not the first time I’ve read it that it captured my attention.  Every day, I sit at my desk, and I look up at a picture that a dear friend gave me.  The verse on it reads, “He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.”  Psalm 91:4.  A verse familiar to most.  The wonderful thing about God’s Word is – along with its doctrinal purposes – is that it can speak to us differently every time we read it.  Depending on the season we are in, God gives us His Word so that we can clearly hear His voice; when we are listening, have an open heart…and when we have faith.  Every time I read this verse, it comforts me in either the same way, or a different way.  Today, it comforts me in knowing that He has me…He always has me.  Not just in this moment, but in every moment.  No matter what my week holds, no matter what my week will end up like – good or bad – my Father has me.  Our Father has us!  Doesn’t that just put a warm blanket around your heart?

Thank you, Christy, once again, for comforting me with my beautiful picture :).  It continues to bring joy to my heart – and on a tired Monday, like this one, it gave me fresh air, and pep in my step.  Love you!

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