We must be the people of God who, rather than being defined only by what we are against, are also defined by what we are for.

So many amazing truths in the book Good Faith by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons. Chapter 5 is my focus in this blog.

Love – Good faith starts with loving God and loving others – the great commandments.

Believe – What we believe matters.

Live – How we live our love and belief in everyday living is a clear reflection of our love for God and others.

How well we love + What we believe + How we live = Good Faith!

Simple! It’s as easy as 1+1+1=3!

Moving on…I’m attaching some snapshots of ‘Good Faith is Countercultural’, also located in Chapter 5. I hope you take some time to read it. I pray it speaks to you as much as it did me….

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