This morning, as I left for my day, I was driving along the highway and noticed a car pulling out a few cars ahead of me. With all the heavy traffic, he decided to turn onto the shoulder, gun it, and eventually force his way in. Just by the way the others around him drove, I could tell they were irritated. He made his way up quickly ahead, only to be stopped by a red light. Once it changed green, he slammed on his gas, made his way up to another red light, then around a semi and few cars. I lost sight at some point. A few miles down the road, I caught up with him once again (now on the interstate) and he’s caught up in traffic – this time I ended up beside him. As I looked over, he had a business suit on, middle-aged man, appeared classy and well-mannered. Looks can be deceiving…

Frustrated, he beats his fist on his steering wheel, and words were being spoken. As soon as traffic freed up, he was off again. And again, I lost sight. And again, a few miles down the road, I caught up with him. Same situation, repeat.

Only this time, I laughed. I laughed because I knew exactly how the man felt. How many times I’ve weaved in and out of traffic trying to get to my final destination; frustrated at the people around me for not being in as big of a hurry as I was, or them just being there in general. “Where are all these people going?” I would ask myself?”

But the problem wasn’t them…it was me.

No matter what the rush is in life, the final destination is the same. The outcome for each of us may be different when we get there, and some of us may be waiting in a different line, if you will…but what goes on in the middle, or the journey there, determines our fate and attitude. We can take life slower and enjoy the ride; paying attention to God’s beauty around us, or we can be full of madness and be so fixated on what others are doing, that we miss the journey all together.

I would like to say that my realization of this comes with age, but the guy was older – so I don’t know. But, in hopes that this story is you today – if you are that guy – slow down. The end of your life will surly arrive before you know it, and probably before you’re ready. Enjoy life!

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