I believe many of us played games on the playground when we were in elementary school. Two teams, which meant 2 leaders, would choose their teammates out of a group of friends and random kids. You knew you were either well-liked, or played the game well, if you were chosen early. But if you didn’t get chosen in the beginning, that could mean something hurtful.

I remember a few times I didn’t get chosen right away, but I did always believe I was liked. I was an average athlete, and that was ok; I accepted it pretty early in life. My main focus was the game, I just liked playing and being with my friends.

I read this verse this morning and it triggered something my bible study leader had said last week.

“I’m not speaking about all of you; I know those I have chosen.” John 13:18

It’s a tricky verse, and the placement was odd. As I spent time trying to figure out exactly why and to whom Jesus was speaking to (I know He was speaking to His disciples and Judas, but the word “chosen” stumped me. Who was chosen?) I received 3 main truths from it:

1). Blessed are those who forgive and have mercy on others.

2). No one is above another.

3). To fulfill scripture, Judas would betray Jesus.

Not every command or every promise in the Bible is meant for us. It depends on when and to whom it was written. I basically knew this, because some scripture wouldn’t make since in today’s time, or in our personal lives. God didn’t promise me land or a child. We do need to be careful on how we take scripture, and ask for discernment on what God is speaking to us, individually and directly.

But even deeper, after I read this specific verse, it comforted me. Reading the Bible and understanding it is a beautiful gift, and how beautiful it is that God gives each of us His own promises, and our own paths. Our very own gifts and callings. He has chosen each of us (yes, each of us!) specifically for a purpose to bring Him glory for His good…and for our own. Just like the human body, every organ and every cell has a function and purpose – in the Body of Christ, so do we.

So when someone makes a split decision to do something that seems “crazy and unlike them”, remember this verse. God does some pretty crazy things in our lives, but they are not crazy when we are focused on His Kingdom and the eternal life that He offers us through faith in Jesus Christ. He calls us individually, and for a purpose. Not everyone will be called to lead, and not everyone will be called to follow. Sometimes, we are called to be on the sidelines.

Be patient and believe, you’ll get your time to play, and shine!

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