This week I’ve been studying the first 11 verses of Romans 5. It’s a meat and potatoes lesson, rich with protein and carbs;

– declared righteous by faith,

– God’s peace,

– reconciliation with God through Jesus’ death,

– God’s love poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit,

– our suffering produces perseverance and hope…just wow!

And to add, “all while we were we still sinners, Christ died for us.”

The purest of love…poured into our hearts. Can you see it? Just makes me feel all the amazing feels…ya know?

As I answered some of my worksheet questions, I got lost visually when asked about why hope doesn’t disappoint or put us to shame. I’m a visual learner, and love analogies. I pondered in my visual – imagine:  Jumping into a car with someone you trust wholeheartedly, that knows all the roads, knows the weather, knows the best radio stations, knows every bump and pothole, let’s you nap, wakes you to watch the sunset and to see the turning leaves, and delivers you safely at your destination; doesn’t detour to find a short cut, but stays on the best path. All while making you feel at peace, and giving you the best advice about any trouble or struggle; meaningful conversation.

Sounds like the perfect travel partner, right? They may even let you take the wheel, if you feel comfortable with it.

Well, that’s what was brought to my mind when thinking about hope. I jump in my hope car, and the Holy Spirit – my driver, my friend, my teacher, my advocate, my meteorologist, my therapist. The Holy Spirit keeps me on the right path, gets me over the bumps and around the potholes, through the valleys and rejoices with me on the peaks, through the wind and storms. Turns on worship music to drown out the hail, and opens my eyes to my surroundings and His creation. Never leaves me stranded, and safely arrives at my destination; His Kingdom. Home.

I’m so ready to go Home. Aren’t you? But as I’m traveling through, I will stay in My Hope Car.

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