As I walked passed a window today, I caught a glimpse of a ray of light that was fearlessly rushing towards Earth. Nothing in the way to stop its shine. Several thoughts ran through my mind, but the one that struck me the most was, “let Your light shine down”. Nothing can stop Your wonders. Nothing can stop Your promises. What beautiful and awesome news You have brought to this world.

I grabbed my phone and ran outside to take a quick pic before the clouds blocked its escape hole. Within seconds it was gone. His creation draws me closer to Him every moment I acknowledge it. And every time I’m taken back and in awe that I could possibly be drawn even closer…but somehow, I am. His examples are constant. His invisible presence becomes overwhelmingly, visible. I was sad to see the ray vanish.

After the clouds moved in, I took a few minutes to look at my pic. It made me smile…and during that smile, my peripheral vision was blinded by light; the hole had made its way to me. The rays of light shining right in my eyes. It was incredible. I felt as if God was telling me, “I see you loving me”.

Yes, Lord, I love you! And I don’t deserve Your love in return. Undeserved grace, blessings and mercy, yet You give it freely and willingly to those who have faith in You.

No matter what your days bring, no matter how troubling this world can get, we should never let the blessings of His goodness be shadowed. The Good News that is Jesus Christ should be screamed from the mountaintops. Highlighted in our lives and on our tongues. We have been freed of our sins from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, through His grace. Rejoice and be glad in that truth!!

Let your light shine!!

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