I know many who would argue this question no matter their knowledge of the Truth. Many that are so full and blinded by their own beliefs that won’t be changed by this writing. And many that are so comfortable in their sin, that will find justification to continue living in it, no matter the argument.

But it really isn’t a question to be answered. “Is God real” in this writing is a rhetorical question.  And because it’s my writing, I can explain that truth through my own personal testimony, with help from The only book of Truth; the Holy Bible.

Before I was saved last year – while I was still a Jesus believer only unsure of my salvation – I never questioned if there was a God. I knew there was/is, and I never thought about there not being one. God made sense to me. I internally question others when they make statements of unbelief. Some are incredibly intelligent. Some should know otherwise because I’ve seen the goodness and blessings God has given them. Blinded from the truth must be a miserable place to be. I can’t know for sure because I’ve never been in that place, but I can only assume. And refuse to imagine.

So, is God real? Let’s have a one-sided debate. Because honestly, a two-sided debate isn’t fun when the other side has no truth.

I seek Him. I seek His grace. I seek His love. I seek His joy. I seek His wisdom. I seek His discernment. I seek His help. I seek His counsel. I seek His direction. I seek His voice. I seek His presence. I seek His spirit. I seek His correction. I seek His character. I seek His creations. I seek His guidance. I seek His Son.

I have a need to love and be loved. I have a need that is inside me that needs fulfillment. I have a need to hear His voice. I have a need that no one else can give me; and that need is Him.

I see Him. I see His beauty. I see His love. I see His creation. I see color, and shapes, and incredible waterfalls and mountain tops. I see snow! I see life grow and heal and produce. I see Him in other people and in His Church. I see Him working in me. I see answered prayers and miracles. I see the stars and heavens. I see Him in the broken. I see Him every morning when the sun rises, and every evening when the sun sets. I see Him in my marriage. I see Him in my relationships. I see Him in my children. I see Him in the creation of animals and life. His masterpiece of Earth itself. I see the moon…which is incredibly significant to our existence.

I hear Him. I hear the wind, the rain, the birds singing, the thunder, the trees. I hear Him in the ocean waves. I hear Him in praise and worship. I hear music! I hear Him in my thoughts. I hear Him when I read His word. I hear Him when others laugh or cry. I hear Him pleading for repentance.

I smell Him. I smell flowers, and air, and food, and babies. I smell fresh cut grass after a rainfall. I smell fire and the salty beach.

I see Him when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. I see Him when a baby is born. I see Him when two people are joined in love and marriage; His example of our relationship with Him to come. I see my fingers moving on this keyboard and I can’t help but be overjoyed that He is speaking through me right now. THAT is God!

I feel Him! I feel the wind. I feel love! I feel despair for the helpless. I feel real joy and peace…I can’t do that without Him! I feel humbled that I am His child. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the scales removed from my eyes so I can actually “see” how changed I am, and how He is the only one that has changed me. I feel His grace, daily. I feel His undeserved mercy.

You, nor science, cannot explain why everything is so perfect. How we exist and why we are the only creatures that have a spirit for something larger than ourselves. Other animals do not seek Him. Other animals don’t care they are naked.  So what makes us different from other creation?  Yahweh.  “I Am Who I Am”.


2 thoughts on “Is God real? My personal testimony.

  1. Kori, thank you for sharing your experiences! So inspiring! God is at work.. I recently met a new acquaintance and saw that you were the one mutual friend on Facebook. I thought.. what has Kori been up to and I came across your blog! I’ve made a commitment to read the Bible everyday since this past Christmas and so far I’ve been faithful! I know we haven’t talked since we’ve worked together but I just wanted to share with you that your blog has been encouraging to me and I believe God has led me to it. I know it will be inspiring to others as well.

    – Meagan

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    1. Thank you, Meagan! It’s been an incredible journey the past few years. I love how God leads us to each other, even back to those we once spent every day with. Love that He is so faithful, and you’ve been so obedient in reading His Word! Keep it up and keep in touch! Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. Much love, Kori


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