I’m so incredibly guilty of this that I am moved to write about it. I hope all my lady friends read this!

It’s the holiday season, and as a woman I have: Christmas family pictures to plan, Christmas parties to attend, parties to plan, dresses to buy, gifts to purchase, food to make, a house to decorate, teenagers to parent, and many other important commitments to see through. “Business” is a description that makes its way to the top rather quickly this time of year.

I’m overwhelmed! Just thinking about everything I need to do, and get prepared for, is exhausting. Joy is a word that is highly used this time of year, but it’s our joy that suffers the most. Traffic, people, lines, attitudes; all play into the already chaotic days. An island in the Caribbean, with my favorite guy and a book, sounds like a dream I’d love to never wake from. But it’s not an option.

Women suffer greatly this time of year. Our health suffers, our relationships may suffer, and our normalcy suffers. Along with getting everything done, and looking sane while doing it, we feel the need to look amazing, as well! Or at least some of us do. I know I care, even though I care less than I ever have, I still care about my appearance. The pressure of having nails and hair done, holiday weight in check, and long eyelashes, seem to battle each other. It’s a tough job being a 21st century woman! Femininity overload!

But I’m here telling this in hopes that all my lady friends will listen. And listen closely and take heart.

YOU ARE LOVED! You are loved no matter how long your eye lashes are. You are loved no matter if your turkey or ham is baked to a golden perfection. You are loved even if the gift you bought your child isn’t a hit. You are loved if your hair is out of place, if you don’t make it on time to the party, and if your eyebrows are not on fleek! You are loved if your family pictures are a disaster! You are loved. This – all of this – all of the things I’ve listed above, don’t matter! All the pins on Pinterest these past few months in making the perfect Pecan Pie, the perfect door wreath, and having the most fabulous Christmas tree…don’t matter! YOU matter!! Your joy, your smile, your laughter, your strength, your light; matter! YOU are a woman of worth! And you are doing an incredible job!

Take care of yourself this holiday season. Don’t let the pressures of being perfect, and having everything around you perfect, steal what is truly important about this season; our Lord, Jesus! Your family! Your joy! Your character and peace! Your memories! Let them be filled with positivity and love – not overwhelming chores and unrealistic and unattainable goals. Eat the cake, and enjoy life! Sit by the fire, drink a glass of wine, and feel the blessings of having a Savior that gave us the very reason we celebrate this beautiful holiday, called Christmas!


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