I’ve started paying specific attention to something recently in the Bible – verbs. And this week in the Bible study I attend, the worksheet notes also pointed out some of the grammar used in some verses. It’s fascinating! Literature uses verbs constantly, but when I started focusing on the verbs of God, it was miraculously moving.

So, I felt drawn to write about it. And after you read this, I hope you can see the significance, and goodness, of our awesome Father…through verbs.

God is moving (hallelujah!), giving, urging, loving, destroying, commanding, making, telling, insisting, listening, wanting, doing, helping, showing, creating, promising, forgiving, teaching; and my favorite right now in my life – speaking.

These are just a very few I’m pointing out. A few that spoke to me today while making this list. Just in these few verbs alone speak volumes of how awesome and amazing God truly is.

His power through a word. An action that we cannot comprehend, ignore, or do ourselves. We are fully reliant on Him and His majesty. Isn’t that incredible? Our existence is summed up in a God-verb!

He breathed, life. He spoke, life. He created, life. If that doesn’t move you, or stir up a desire and passion, and make you want to live and love, then I’m unsure what will.

What verbs are you choosing to represent your life today?

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