I noticed something tonight while watching my favorite decorating show. Something that I probably have noticed before, but never really let affect me, or really even thought about. I was smiling. The couple on the episode were so precious. Humble, and shined with gratefulness when their home was presented to them after it had been remodeled. Not only was I smiling, but I also shed tears of joy for them both. Contagious.

I’ve always heard the expression; a smile can be infectious. How true. Not only reflective infection, but emotionally infectious. No matter what I was currently feeling, I was overcome with the same gratitude they expressed: joy, happiness, and thankfulness filled my heart. I felt blessed in the same way they were being blessed. And I was indeed being blessed, as well. Blessed with the infectious joy they were giving me.

Isn’t it amazing how each of us have that power. That beautiful gift that we can give at any given time, to anyone we choose. And to those we don’t even know! Random people that are paying attention can easily contract it just by seeing it…or hearing it. We don’t need to purchase it, build it, or make it in the kitchen. It’s within us, readily available.

May we each remember our amazing and beautiful gifts. Gifts that only God gives. Fruits of the Spirit that can change moods, attitudes and behaviors. That can change negative energy into positive. We have been given that power. Remember this when you’re going about your day. While doing your monotonous daily chores, or work. Even when posting on social media, we have the power that can make a person smile on the other side of their phone and computer screen.

Lift others up in your words…and in your smile. It’s a hard life, let’s make it an easier one.

Thank you, Father, for your love. May we give you glory in all that we do. Amen.

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