Dear Jesus,

It’s Your birthday! And today I celebrate You!

Most of my days consist of learning more about You, Your character, Your story. But today, it’s all about what Your birth gave us; eternal life with You and Our Father. Hallelujah!

You have always been there for me. Patiently waiting for me to “open” my eyes to Your wonder and awe. You’ve covered me with a blanket of grace each time I’ve failed you, others, and myself. You talk to me in Your sweet Words, even when my ears were shut. You’ve poured out Your love, Your joy, and Your peace when I finally accepted it. Willingly and eagerly, you carried the weight of all my sins (and everyone else’s) to the top of a hill, died an unimaginable death, just so we could see You and all Your glory, soon. I’m so excited to see Your face, and often imagine what you look like. I bet you light up a room.

I pray everyone comes to Your BIG party someday. The heavenly party when we all get to see each other again. I don’t want anyone to miss it. We will be free of sin and pain, and will have nothing to feel but love, peace, and joy. It will be an awesome and amazing eternal sight!! A majestic celebration in Your name, Jesus, a name above all others.

Thank you for taking time out of Your day to love me. Thank you for protecting me from evil and danger. Thank you for giving me Your wisdom and discernment whenever I ask for it. For answering my prayers whenever I believe and forgive. Thank you for being my example, my rock, and my helper.

So Jesus, I hope you have a wonderful day with Our Father. Save a piece of cake for me!!

Love and always Yours,


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