For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Reading Matthew 27 this morning, I not only cried for my Lord and Savior, I saw a glimpse of what He experienced during His cruxifixction. Jesus, after the horrific beatings and torture – unimaginable torture – hanging from a cross, helpless, bloody, spit-on, flesh torn, organs exposed, naked; looking at the men that hung Him there, with love in His heart; died for them to save them from hell. The very men that cursed Him and brutally murderer Him.

Can you imagine? Looking at someone that is torturing you while you’re helpless and tied, and loving them through it? Could you do that? If this were your child being tortured, could you love their torturer? I know I couldn’t!! Through Jesus, we were made! (John 1:3). We were given life! (Gen 2:7). We are giving food, shelter, gifts to survive. (James 1:17). We are given joy, peace, kindness, love, and hope! (Galatians 5:22, Romans 15:13) Everything you have is from God! Everything! Out of love. God is love!

It breaks my heart, as it should. It breaks my heart that I’m so selfish. That I’m unkind, unloving, impatient, and rude, at times. That I take advantage of my blessings, as if I deserve them. I don’t! After years of sinfulness, I deserve death! (Romans 6:23). I deserve separation from God. I am no better than the ones who physically put Him on the cross. (Romans 3:23). Why do I deserve death? Because God is holy. (1 Samuel 2:2). He is our rock, pure and perfect. Sin is not! Selfishness and worldly desires are not. Vanity is not! I deserve death because I don’t love others as Jesus has commanded. (John 13:34). I personally feel a sense of anger when I’m deceived by others, but can I imagine not feeling any anger, yet all love, if I were hanging from a cross by the very people I gave everything to? Being murdered by mockers and idolaters to those I fed and clothed and sheltered? My worldly view sees it as crazy!! It seems like insanity! My worldly opinion would call anyone crazy for loving anyone who betrayed them in that magnitude. But Jesus did! How did He do that? I can’t even begin to understand. Yet, I don’t need to. The truth is, He did, and I praise God every day for His mercy and grace! Hallelujah!

Through love, He died out of love. And that is what love is. It’s not what we think it is. Nothing but true and perfect and pure and holy love. And He did it for YOU, and me! (1 Peter 3:18). No matter what sin and selfishness you are living with and out today…He was looking at you while on that cross on that unimaginable, yet victorious day.

It is out of my saved and redeemed spirit, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, that I give you these truths. It is my calling and my purpose to tell you these truths. Repent, and turn to Jesus! The end is very near, whether it’s the day of His return, or the day your earthly life passes, it is soon. And it’s never too late, unless death comes first. It doesn’t matter when the end of the world happens, what matters is, are you ready! I love you all!

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