Most of us are right handed. And whether you are or not, it doesn’t really matter. But have you ever thought about the right hand of Jesus?

I read a sentence out of my devotional today and it inspired me to research the meaning and references of the right hand in the Bible. I wondered; was the criminal that died and went to paradise with Jesus on His right side? Was Jesus’ right hand stretched out on the cross in close proximity to the criminals left? (Exodus 15:12) And why are right and left called right and left? Do we “leave” our sinfulness when we believe in God’s “righteousness“? Well, yes! If we believe in Jesus Christ, that’s exactly what a believer does. “Go right or get left”, is what I’ve always heard. Interesting thought.

As I’m looking through websites and research books, I look up on my office wall and see this…*picture included below*.. and looked down at my right palm and noticed…it’s a right palm! Wow.

The right hand: the right choice, the right decision, the right way to God the Father. Righteousness, sovereignty, power, truth, good, eternal. My mind is blown a bit more this morning.

I’ve listed a very few references to the “right hand” for those interested. It’s definitely worth the look and research.

Isaiah 49:16

Exodus 15:6

Revelations 1:17

Isaiah 41:10

Exodus 29:20

Leviticus 8:23

Revelations 5:1

Luke 20:42,43

Revelations 10:2

Isaiah 41:13

Psalm 118:16

Psalm 63:8

Psalm 139:10

Job 40:14

Ezekiel 39:3

Matthew 22:44

Acts 3:7

…and so many more.

The Right Hand is referenced 166 in the Bible.

**I especially think Ezekiel 39:3 is interesting. “I will strike your bow from your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand”. God is sovereign.

Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. (Matt 6:3). The bow is the weapon, but the arrows are what causes death. Hypocrisy. Be approved by God and not by man.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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