Self-appreciation is not really an act I would say I do a lot. I take care of myself physically – for the most part – and I try to look poised and composed in public, but do I appreciate who I am, and who God made me?  I would relunctantly have to answer with a big “no”.  Yet, daily, I’m learning how to be with His help.

Life is so different for me now. I don’t stew over minor issues as much, and I pay attention to my surroundings much more. But that isn’t a new behavior I conjured up and decided to go along. I didn’t wake up one day and everything I once fussed over just vanished and disappeared. It was more than that; it was grace. And grace changed me. A gift from God that was undeserving because I did fuss over minor issues, and consciously and subconsciously refused to look around and acknowledge the bigger and better – God’s creation. Falling in love and being apprecitive with it all, included me!

Yep, self-appreciation begins with God. The beautiful creation of life includes you, me, and every thing that has ever existed, and does exist, today. All of it. When we doubt ourselves, Our Creator fills in that void and gives us the strength and power to fight them; through Jesus.

So, here is my short list of how to begin, and continue, self-appreciation. Some may be obvious and redundant but, truth is truth, and I’m sure I’m not the first to point these truths out. *wink

  1. Wake up and pray. No, don’t put your feet on the floor just yet. Lay in bed, keep your eyes closed, and continue to breathe in rest. Thank God for waking up. For the good health you have, and focus on your blessings. Trust me, no matter what negatives and issues you are facing – or will face – there are positives and blessings.  No matter what bad health you may have, you actually do have good health, as well. When we miss the blessings in our life, we are missing God at work.  And that is a travesty.
  1. Read a bible verse. It doesn’t have to be a devotional, or even a chapter, but at least a verse. Ask God to show you His meaning and how that may be applied to your life. Be sure and do your research, though. The last thing you want is to take the verse out of context and be deceived in thinking the verse meant something completely different.  We are not all promised certain things, and yes, God is still good. Don’t be Eve!  Think of ways you can apply the verse in your day. Set reminders, if needed.  And if you fail, then begin again. Remember…grace!  Abundant and amazing!
  1. Be YOU!  As a woman, do something that makes you feel like YOU!  Apply your favorite lipstick, or pull your hair back and show off the beautiful face God gave you. Wear yoga pants or put on some fun shoes. Whatever it may be, be excited that God gave you the ability to have fun!  Enjoy color and toss aside the dreary black for a day. *But be modest, ladies. The last thing you should want and need to feel because of your choices is attention. Check your intentions behind your choices at the door. If it’s revealing, it’s not godly.  Be respectful to your husband or future husband, that you may not have even met.
  1. Love. Love yourself, love others, and love your box. Yep, your box. We’ve all been given our own space. And wherever you go, remain in our box. Respect other’s boxes. It’s ok to think outside of it, and I totally encourage it, but physically stay in your box. Don’t be envious of other’s boxes, and don’t try to steal anyone else’s box. Your box is special!  Your box is your box!  Do not covet!  If your box seems to be dying or in need of a makeover, look to some bible verses or ask advice from a Christian mentor. We all need a mentor that brings godly wisdom and positive guidance.  Revive YOUR box!
  1. Remind yourself where your joy and peace are supplied. Like filling a glass full of water, and drinking it, it’s nourishment to our bodies. Joy and peace nourish us spiritual, and only comes from Jesus Christ. It doesn’t come from a white sandy beach, or a thrill climb to the highest peak. It doesn’t come from a diploma or money in the bank. Its not a car, or a boat, or big fancy house.  They do not bring joy!  They are blessings…know the difference.  It isn’t a wrinkle-free face or a skinny and perfect body. Joy lives in us when we have Christ – it’s just the way it is. Don’t let someone throw shade on your joy. Brighten it back up with the promise and hope of Jesus. Same with peace. Go outside, breathe fresh air, and fill yourself up with some sunshine and peace from nature that God has so graciously given us. It’s constant and more abundant than we could ever imagine. Don’t take it for granted. No excuses for bad attitudes, ladies!
  1. Be happy!  It’s a choice, ya know. When your joy is in check and your continuously reminded where it is supplied, happiness follows. Our happiness is supplied by God. It’s not supplied by compliments, fancy things, or bigger wallets. Thankfulness, gratitude, love, joy and peace…who wouldn’t be happy?  If you’re not happy, then begin to figure out exactly which from this list are being attacked and affected. Satan is a liar and a thief. Ask God to deliver you from whatever it is that is either replacing one, or adding to. Yes, you may actually need a new career, or a new boyfriend.  He is our Deliverer and our Redeemer!  Even in struggle, we actually can be happy.  #truth
  1. Don’t doubt your abilities. Skills are one thing, but abilities are completely different. God used many women in the Bible for His glory. In Christ Jesus, you and I are also are being used by God in very important and unique ways. And ALL for His good!  Isn’t that incredible?  You are just as special as Ruth and Mary!  Your abilities are from God alone. And He is able!  Focus on your calling…and that is to be a light in this dark world. A light that glorifies God. You may not know or understand what that means exactly, but it will become clear when your heart is focused on wanting to make a positive difference. When you’re in tune with God, and your ears and eyes are open and focused on Him, He will show you how to shine. There is no “was that God?” with God. God [speaks] very clearly to those who love and know Him. Being a light that reflects His character will always bring Him glory. It will shine love, kindness, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, self-control, and faithfulness. It is never selfish, prideful, or boasts.  So let your light shine today!
  1. And lastly, think. We were born and given our own intelligence and differences. Use your godly wisdom and discernment to make the right choices. Just because everyone is doing it, or is trying it, doesn’t make it right. Be YOU, but know who you are in Christ. It’s a balance, and it’s doable. God made all things doable when it’s His will. And when your will aligns with His, it’s perfection!  Yes, you actually can be perfect, even in all your sin.  God made that happen through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ!  And we as humans have made up our own idea of perfection – and it isn’t a flawless body or face, always getting along with others, or saying that “right” thing to appease others. Truth can hurt. But it’s the best hurt. It’s a hurt that heals and grows for the better, and for His good!

And that’s it!  Actually, there is much more, but baby steps, right?  So, ladies, appreciate yourself!  God is so good to us women!  We rock because of Our Rock!!  Go girls!  *snap*

I pray this list will be helpful in your walk with the Lord today. God bless!  Xo, Kori

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