Ever feel like you’re a hot mess? No matter how much you’ve accomplished in the day, or in your life, you still wake up and grasp the reality that “keepin’ on keeping’ on” is a silly and pathetic quote that just can’t be doable for the day at hand? I can pass a mirror and my appearance also matches my mood. It ain’t pretty.

This is my second blog post on self-appreciation, and it slapped me in the face while looking for a recipe on Pinterest for a Coconut Cream Cake. I am a mess – no doubt about it – but I am a BLESSED MESS. And the word blessed is what I need to focus on. Focus on the blessed and NOT the mess.

Sometimes I just simply cannot get done everything I want to accomplish. And that’s OK! Its not because I don’t have the time, or the energy, but because I get bored with the monotony of life. And who’s fault is that? Mine! I was always told that smart people don’t get bored. But, when I get bored (which is rare) it should always remind me to question my focus. Am I focusing on what’s really important? Am I taking for granted the blessings in my life? No, and yes. And that’s my problem. I’m not appreciating my “self” in where God has me for the day, and what He has in store for me. I’m blinded by worldly to-do’s instead of my purpose, and that’s to do His will. I need to clean my ears, adjust my thoughts accordingly, and listen for His voice in my day. I will always be a mess, but an obedient mess that is loved and saved by my Savior.

Be a “blessed mess” today! The best mess to be is a mess that knows they need Jesus.

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