Keep + going. There are days where the collaboration of those two words are simply exhausting and seemingly impossible. How do we keep going when life is constantly throwing lemons and salt? I can’t even log onto social media without all the bad things begging for my attention. What makes the negative stand out so much more than positive? Why do we allow it to be shadowed and flooded with negativity? Wave upon wave of horrific stories and bad attitudes. It’s never ending. Believe it or not, we do have the resources and power to control it in our lives.

And speaking of never-ending, there is something else that is never-ending. And that something is incomprehensibly more than never-ending. Grace. If you want to learn how to keep going, you must know grace. You must know it, feel it, live it, and show it. Grace is what keeps us going! And not just here on earth, but eternally. Truly, it is never-ending. And when you think, “how do I keep going?” You can remember that it’s the never-ending power of grace that provides the way.

Ten years ago, I was in the middle of what I would call a major storm in my life. My marriage was bad, my relationships were bad, my health was bad, my attitude and behaviors were bad…and on and on. Everything about my life seemed bad. And honestly, in hindsight,it was pretty bad. I blanketed my choices with finger-pointing and bitterness. My actions were blamed on other’s actions. I had the mentality that I was not responsible for everything going on that was bad in my life. And I believed it! Revenge, retaliation, manipulation…it was all swirling around, like a tornado just waiting to happen. Let’s just call it Hurricane Kori. It was mean, mad, and major. I was my own worst enemy and Satan was my biggest fan.

Hindsight can be a doozy to experience. The minute hindsight creeps up, guilt and shame throw the first punch. Then it’s justification and self-pity. After that, regret, embarrassment, desperation, and depression. And if some aren’t careful, it’s suicide. It’s all different for others, but I think we can all agree that it’s a downward spiral. An earthly Hell.

Grace is the only answer. Not medication, although it can help. (I use the word “can” lightly.) Counseling needs to be researched and chosen carefully. But grace, it is God’s love in the purest form. Grace is humbling, yet it gives us confidence. It is powerful, and even more so when we are at our weakest. It’s a paradox, yet completely understandable when felt and accepted. It’s beautiful, yet covers the ugliest. It’s invisible, yet is clearly seen in our lives, and heard in our voices. Grace is amazing, and awesome, and perfect.

Keep going…but let the grace of God be your motivation and your fuel. Let it flood your thoughts and your words. Let it fill you up so abundantly that when you can’t love anymore, His love overflows and is seen in all His magnificent glory. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

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