I’ve sorta struggled this month (July) figuring out what topic I wanted to blog. Each month for a year, I’ve decided to blog about self-appreciation. Sometimes it’s so easy and the words and thoughts flow. And sometimes I get stuck in mid-thought, and mid-sentence, and I never finish a full writing. I write every day. And I post very little of what I actually complete.

But this morning, after an evening with friends last night, I had an overwhelming urge to write about “comparing”. That’s what we do! That’s what we humans all do. We compare. We compare veggies and fruits at the market. We compare colors and shapes. We compare colleges and doctors. We compare recipes and friendships. We compare vehicles and landscaping. We compare what shoes look best with an outfit, and what rug would look best under a dining room table. That’s what we do! We compare almost everything. And sometimes, we compare ideas, morals, opinions, religious interpretations, and advice.

I’ve always felt that comparing was bad. It’s just not something I needed to do. Especially when it comes to ourselves to others, or, as the topic was last night, one side of the face to the other. We shouldn’t do it. Why? Because it can lead us down a road of negative thinking and insecurity. However, comparing ourselves to others can be the best decision, when we are trying to be a better self. But we must be careful in doing so. And we must always remember, it is He is us that is truly better.

I’ve made a quick list of comparing ourselves to others that should keep us on the positive side of the flow. I hope someone can use it. Especially geared towards my younger female audience, but I know us older ladies can always benefit greatly from it. *wink*

1. When comparing yourself to someone else we must always remember the phrase, “you can’t compare oranges to apples”. I mean, you can, but it’s not a very good comparison. One is sweeter than the other, one has seeds, one is juicier than the other, and they are completely different colors. Yet, you may like one more than the other. So, comparing to make a choice for yourself is acceptable. For example, “I like that dress, but I think I would like it on me in red much better.” The idea is to keep comparison between what is right for you, and what is wrong for you. Make the decision based on YOUR liking. You know yourself best!

2. Never compare your eyebrows to another person’s. Your face shape maybe round, and hers maybe oblong. Thinner and longer eyebrows may be the best choice. My point in this comparison? Stop looking at other’s physical appearance to determine what looks best on you. You’re unique! You’re beautiful in YOUR own way! So what if you have one eye that is a bit different than the other – it’s who YOU are, and God loves you and made you that specific way for a reason. And I promise, the people who love you don’t care if your lips are smaller than Miss Jenner’s. ;). My point is, constantly looking in the mirror and finding your physical imperfections robs your joy. When your comparing your career, your car, your body to other’s, your joy has died. And that is what Satan is after, your joy. You are beautiful!!! Remember that!

3. Find a purpose and make it your own. Search your heart and find your desires and dreams. We all have been given specific passions and gifts. Find them, own them, and be good at them. I’ve never seen women more competitive than today. It’s ridiculous! So what if she makes more money, or has a nicer wedding ring. So what if she owns a LV, and your carrying a Target bag. Guess what? She isn’t better than you. We all have problems and issues, if that makes you feel better. The truth is, what makes us “better” than another women is our heart. What are you putting your time into, and what are the words coming out of your mouth. Are you uplifting and positive? Are you complementary? Are you sharing your over-comings with someone that could use hope in their life? Are you a survivor of addiction or an abusing relationship? Could another woman use the words of Jesus today? Focus on your heart! Not your lipstick color!

4. Reach down inside and find yourself. Find who you are in Christ Jesus. Breathe and exhale. Focus on your family, your relationships, and your heart; not your “things”. Worshiping and idolizing anything other than God is idolatry. Idolatry isn’t just worshiping other Gods, it’s what your mind is focused on and what is important to you. Don’t let the “things” in your life take your heart and mind off Jesus. Don’t let the $$$ in the bank affect your ego. It’s ok to have things, and passions, and goals, and dreams, and desires. But, they must be His first.

His will, His blessings. God bless!

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