John 17:17

Set them apart in the truth; your word is truth.

I believe in God the Father. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I trust in God’s goodness, His plan for His children. I have faith in the unseen, yet visible, attributes and character of God. And I believe and know that Truth is truth.

But I’m human. And I have doubts and fears and misunderstandings. I have anxiety, panic attacks and can get depressed. I judge. I discern wrongly. I make excuses, and gossip. I see negativity when there is abundant positivity. I have regrets and make mistakes; countless. I think life is unfair sometimes, and I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people. Loss, pain, heartache. Why does life have to be so incredibly hard sometimes? Why can’t we all get along, and just love one another?

The dynamic of the above is real. It’s life. And it’s real life to many of us…all of us. We all go through emotions, both good ones, and bad ones. We are the same, yet so different. We are individuals that long for joy and peace; understanding and fairness; happiness and good health. We all long for fulfillment and love. It’s our nature. We can believe that it will all come from Jesus, or from something else. We get to choose. And God gave us that choice.

But with all this said, no matter what I think, feel, want, need…Truth is truth.

I can want life to be fair, and good. I can believe that no matter how much someone loves others, how kind and generous they are, they will fly high on that glorious day, called the resurrection. I can hope that no matter how much I fail and deserve death, I will receive grace and mercy. But no matter what I believe, or trust in, or have hope in, Truth is truth. It’s not up to me to determine what that truth is. God’s Word is Truth! His promises, His miracles, His purposes and plans…the only Truth.

So, friends, I encourage you. Stop believing in things that pacify you; that justify your words and actions; that make your sin ok. Stop believing and longing for earthly satisfactions and focus on the ultimate satisfaction that is Jesus Christ. Stop approving sin! Because no matter what you believe; no matter what you think God would approve of; if it’s not The Truth, it’s not truth.

2 thoughts on “Truth is Truth

    1. Thank you, Becky. I had to remind myself of this yesterday. That no matter what I choose to believe, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t make it “right”. God’s Truth is all that matters and the only truth that IS truth. Love you


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