I’m in a different place in my life than I was 10, 20, 30 years ago. We all go through constant changing – spiritually, physically, our mentality – all change. Just like our intellectual growth, each of us are not the same person we were in years past. Even our cells are in constant regeneration. The body I was born into isn’t even the same body I am in today. Yet, here I am! Incredibly fascinating! And completely complex and mind-blowing to me, who wasn’t gifted with the capacity to understand such an incredible creation as the human body. And truthfully, none of us were. Some may think they understand everything there is to know about “us”, and about creation, but only God.

I posted a simple post a few weeks ago and got a reaction from someone I didn’t know; an atheist. I contemplated responding, then heard a loud voice reminding me “don’t throw your pearls.” Everything in me wanted to debate his comment. Everything in me wanted to shake him and wake him up! But I didn’t. I left it alone. Thankfully the Holy Spirit reminded me of my purpose. And thankfully I obeyed.

So I did some digging. After exploring his personal page, I began to see a pattern in his behavior. His posts were basically the same, and his reactions to anything biblical were closed-minded. “He’s a pig!” I thought. He’s blind, deaf, and hardened. Sad.

It bothered me. How does a person get to the point he is? He wasn’t rude, or hateful, or even crude. He didn’t cuss. He was intelligent. Almost intimidating. His vocabulary and grammar were impressive.

After spending some time “getting to know this guy”, I came to a conclusion: he is the most evil of evils. Wow, there are layers? And he is the deepest and darkest of them all.

No, he wasn’t a murderer or a child molester. He wasn’t ISIS or a serial killer. He was just a book-smart guy, probably born with a high IQ…that had no faith. Zero. But what I noticed most frightening about him was, the way he manipulated Creation and any thought of there being a God. Not just any God, but “I Am”. Not any other religion but Christianity. (Red flag) He manipulated his words intelligently, so that anyone reading his comments, that hadn’t been saved or hadn’t met Jesus, would be overwhelmed by his trap; his web. He had a shiny lure waiting and dangling for his next victim. He is the most evil of evils. And the demon that lives inside this man’s poor soul has his grip firmly around his eternal path. No matter what anyone says, or does, or tries to prove, God is the only One who will choose to open his eyes, or leave them shut.

Christians need to wake up. There is a battle going on. We’ve already won because of Jesus (hallelujah), but there are people out there falling into traps by people like this guy. He’s smart. He’s smooth. He’s knowledgeable. He twists his earthly knowledge to confuse those that are spiritually lost. He is fake light. There is no life in his words, only death. He manipulates God’s truths. He is a type of antichrist. He’s demonic. I would be more frightened to meet him, lost and in a dark ally, than any character in any horror film. He is an example of what we are really battling on earth. Not flesh and blood, but invisible evil.

God warns us of this. He warns Christians that we are battling against these spirits. He warns us to be armored and ready. To wake up ready for battle, with confidence in Jesus Christ! Every day! We are to be watchman! We are to love! We are to know His Truths! We are not to throw our pearls, or give what is sacred to dogs and pigs! We must be discerning, and use the wisdom given to us by He who gives it. We must pray for our enemies, for the lost, and…for this guy.

Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and we Christians are to be lights in this dark world.

Are you being a light?

Matthew 7:6

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

John 19:16 – 20:18

Ephesians 6:10-18

1 Peter 5:8

Matthew 5:44

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