I love the early mornings. The sun hasn’t even made it over the horizon, and yet nothing on earth can hide from its presence. It’s a new day! And that means new mercies, new joys, a new start.

There’s a certain peace that comes at dawn. A quietness is overcome with the noise of our daily lives, soon after the sun rises. A time I treasure. It’s during those quick moments that fill my heart with His presence. I know He is present with me at all times, but dawn is exceptional and special. It’s as if time is standing still. And during the previous night, my hope has been restored. Restored from my previous days failures, and disappointments. My hope sees the light of Jesus, regardless of the darkness of night. Hope is what guides us out of dark valleys and deep waters.

I believe Satan hates mornings. And he has instilled in many of us that same hate. He makes us tired, negative and grouchy. He reminds us and keeps us focused on our responsibilities and to-do lists. He knows what we can feel and see at dawn, and he doesn’t want any of us to experience it. He knows our mercies are new. And he knows Who gives them.

And then there is dusk. A time to reflect on our day. A day of many blessings and abundant grace, to those who choose to see them. It can be a time of thankfulness and gratitude, or a time of regret, sorrow and exhaustion. It’s our choice. But regardless, the blessings are there, even when we don’t see them. They are there in the pain, and in the struggle. God is so good! And there is breathtaking peace. A peace in knowing that tomorrow will come. That the promises of Jesus’ return is one day sooner. One. Day. Sooner!

I pray you all take some time this evening to put down your phones. To stop your chores and TV watching, and breathe in life. Breathe in the breath of God. He loves you!

Genesis 1:3-4 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.

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