I don’t remember how I learned to swim, but I do know that it wasn’t by an instructor at the public pool. Or by an expert in my own. It wasn’t scheduled and it never seemed important or dire. It was probably learned in a farm pond, or in the lake near my hometown. It was most likely a combination of days and years, places and close calls. Such is life.

Life is like swimming. We start out completely oblivious with an attitude of fearlessness and independence. Rebellion and determination. We learn what not to do, and what works. We splash around and move our legs accordingly, holding our breath, when needed. There comes times of panic and desperation, successes and achievements. When smooth waters are present, swimming is more enjoyable than the tossing currents. At times we get tired, so we need a rest, or we may get tired from fighting the constant waves and need rescuing. And there’s always that one kid (or brother) that likes to see how long you can stay under water until your mom tells him “don’t drown your sister”. #experience. Whatever the situation, we are constantly learning to “swim” in different situations, and in different places.

Look around. How many of your friends and family are drowning. How many are exhausted and in need of rest. How many need rescuing from life’s turbulent seas. How many could use a lesson, or loving correction? How many could use a hug during, or after, being pulled to safety?

We may not all be expert swimmers, and that’s ok! We have Jesus! We all swim differently, and have abilities and skills that others may not (as the Church). We all can be life preservers in times of desperation. We all can be a safety net, or know someone that can offer hope, or help. Not everyone can admit when they need it; they may be prideful, submerged or exhausted.

Whatever the case, when we take the time to observe our surroundings, it is easy to see those in dire situations. And even those who don’t see the danger of a coming tsunami, or storm.

Be a life-preserver!

Mark 4:39

Luke 8:24

Matthew 8:23-27

Matthew 11:28

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