Walking trails this morning near our cabin, I was on the search for things in nature that resembled letters. I want to take photographs of them and make a collage spelling our family name, using only the surroundings found on our land.

For company, I decided to take my sweet buddy, Jet, our Labrador. He gets so excited when he gets to join me. You know, doing doggy-things, he ran around, sniffing and marking his territory. As time passed, and my purpose for the walk continued, Jet begins to lag. He is panting and in obvious need of water. I continue to stroll, and motivate him along the way; assuring him that water is near. As time passed – and the panting became heavier – my encouragement became more frequent and upbeat. The trail eventually leads near a small and secluded pond. No one would know it was there unless they had been to it before. Jet continues ahead, suddenly stops, and speeds off the trail toward the pond. A few seconds later, I hear a big splash! He found it!!

This baffled me. The pond is approximately 50 steps away, hidden by brush and trees. It sinks in from his level making it completely sightless, even if it weren’t masked by vegetation. His instinct and need for water led him. And it gave me a big smile.

Aren’t we the same? No, we don’t have instincts to find water like other animals. But aren’t we the same in our need for water and refreshment? We must search and depend on other methods to find water for our bodies. And our ways can be more tedious and exhausting, if we don’t know where or how to look. A dog can run straight to it. Using no sight, no sense of hearing or feeling. Maybe he could smell the stillness of the water – but whatever the way, he knew he needed it to live. He knew his thirst must be quenched. Just like we do. But not just physically, spiritually.

King David needed this. In Psalm 23, he knows that only God – as his Shepherd – can lead him to quiet waters. It is refreshment for his soul. Just as is for ours. The peace and much needed rest we need from this world only comes from God, Himself. He leads us, He fulfills our needs, gives us rest and refreshment. God, the Living Water. We seek Him when we thirst.

Jesus proclaimed this same method in John 7:37. “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink!” ALL who are thirsty, come drink! In John 4:14, “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” We must drink! And if we don’t, we die.

Jet, after getting refreshed and fulfilled with the water I led him to – as his shepherd – was energized, ready for more venturing, and full of joy! Once again. Once again, he was ready to take on anything ahead of him; fulfilled and refreshed.

May we all be filled and refreshed by the Living Water, that is Jesus Christ, today and forever.

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