Last evening, while ending a perfect day on Lake Texoma, we headed back to dock. The sun had already set before we began the 20 minute boat ride. As we traveled closer to our destination, the light around us changed so quickly. Every passing moment had a new and transformed landscape. The last 10 minutes of our drive was against the sun, and the view from behind was surreal. I felt I was in a dream. The wake of the boat sparkled at its tips, and the contrast against its shadows made the most amazing canvas. I was captivated, to say the least. Memorized and overcome with serenity and peace. I didn’t want it to end, but knew, it always does.

The boat, heading east, felt uncertain and gave a sense of wrong. Towards the light would have felt more assuring and right. Why do we feel security when we see light? Why is light appetizing for our soul, and feeds the eyes? We are drawn to it. Such is life. Most everything is drawn to light. It awakens, it guides, it nourishes. If not added, we physically cannot see. Darkness consumes and hides. We can’t see beauty or seek protection. We stumble into our surroundings. Things becomes obstacles. The direction for safety becomes confusing, and fear is sure to settle within. We can feel suffocated and alone. We rely more on other senses, therefore can be tricked and baited. The light is our friend and protector. Its our map. And if we don’t receive it, we die; sooner than later. Darkness wins.

There are many references in the Bible about light. So many that it would be exhausting to list, and timely if read. But I do love this truth in Genesis 1:

God saw His creation of light and it was good.

It was GOOD! And there is no bad in good. Yes, it is that simple.

Be in the light today. Share the light. Speak light. Give it with love. Help others see it. Point to it when it seems to be faded and blurred by obstructions. As a boat traveling East, those aboard may never turn around to see the awesomeness of the light behind them. We don’t just need light to see with our eyes, we need light to see its Creator.

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