Interesting how our wants change so much from year to year. When I was a child, I wanted to be a princess. And I lived that dream every day around the farm I grew up on. Playing outside with my imaginary characters and friends, the dream of being a princess was easy. Everyone did what I wanted them to do.

As years past, and maturity and puberty flooded my existence, all I wanted to be was happy and fulfilled. I wanted an unknown void to be filled. But I didn’t exactly know how to attain it. And it wasn’t until 30+ years later until I knew what that void was. I lived a life trying to figure it out…alone. And by “alone”, I mean without Jesus. All my wants became more unattainable, and more unconsciously selfish. They became demanding and sinful. But the most interesting and beautiful part about my journey, didn’t just begin after I accepted Jesus into my life. It began with the dream of being a princess. That need of wanting to be happy and fulfilled followed, yet they were both dreams that later became realities. No, I’m not an actual princess, obviously. But I do have a King! And because I do, I am extraordinarily better off than any imaginary princess. The void was fulfilled. The fulfillment had been obtained!

My wants (age 45).

I want to find the beauty in this beautiful world. I want to see and praise the work God is doing in His people. I want to be a part of that work! I want to move with Him, and be bold for Him! I want others to see Christ in me! I want people to know me – not for the mistakes I’ve made – but for who I am in Christ! I want others to see how Christ has changed me; my attitude, my behaviors, my actions. I want those struggling with their past to be free! I want other people to be shocked to hear my story, and see how JESUS has transformed me. How He has renewed me! And to know that He can change their story, too! I want more wisdom, more knowledge and more revelations! His! I want to live for Him. I want to love like Him. I want to be with Him! I want to see!

These are my wants. Obtainable because of Christ! Happiness, fulfillment, joy! All belong to me, because of Him!

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