When my boys were babies, they were ridiculously cute. They had cute personalities, said and did cute things, made cute faces, laughed cute, and threw cute tantrums.

Wait…what? Cute tantrums?

Yes, I thought they were cute, in their own cute way. But I never dreamed, 18 years later, that God would change my view and perspective on that thinking so dramatically. It wasn’t cute. It was the beginning stages of behavioral issues, and sin. My obscured view has been given new glasses.

This reality came very clear yesterday as I was sitting in a Dr’s office waiting room. A young mom, with a 9yo, 2yo, and 6 month old baby, sat and played next to me. The 9yo discussing with her mom what a “friend” told her at school.

“Do you think I should cut my hair, mommy?” “Of course not!” “You have beautiful hair, your friend is just jealous.”

All while the 2yo threw tantrums over giant LEGO’s. Seriously. Kicking, hitting and screaming at a set of LEGO’s. The mom, in her soft quiet voice, “don’t do that, sweetheart”. “Wow”, I thought, silently.

On my drive home, I was cut off and almost hit by a young girl, driving too fast, and totally oblivious to her actions. Or was she? I saw her glare at me a few times in her rear view mirror. Never gave an apology wave, just went along with her day, as if nothing had happened. I found myself boiling inside! You can only imagine what the “old me” wanted to do, as I passed her. Instead, I bowed my head at a red light, and prayed. I prayed for myself to be Jesus-like, and for her, to also be Jesus-like. It’s a timely and short effective prayer, and covers all my desires.

After my drive home, I had to deal with teen issues. I’m struggling, and I’m worn down. How could MY boys be so oblivious to some things. I raised them better than this! Didn’t I?

But then…

The little 2yo girl came back to visit me in my mind. The tantrum, the hitting and yelling. Not cute. I’m left with facing issues – not just of today – but the issues I didn’t deal with from long ago. I was that mom, in a sense. I didn’t want to cause an additional scene in public disciplining my child, because honestly, I didn’t know how. And terrified on what others would think. I wasn’t a mom that sought Jesus when my boys were younger. So I dealt with everything alone, and failed, a lot.

But what God is doing in me today, is this: He is reminding me that I am not alone. He reminds me of the green pastures, the quiet waters, the righteous path to Jesus. To not fear evil. It comforts me, and is preparing me for my eternal home. That He goes before me, and follows me. He is my Shepherd. He cares for me. And only through Him, I have strength, wisdom, and peace in this present battle. And even better, I have Him! He is mine, and I am His! Praise God!

So my advice to all you moms of babies is this: seek God. He is the best parent. He can show you ways of handling your children in our present world. He not only gives the best advice, but is the best Father. He comforts in the times we want to give up. He strengthens us to keep going, calms our soul, and loves us, even when we fail. And that is Truth!

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