THINK ABOUT IT: If you were given a blank canvas, every paint color imaginable, a few paint brushes, and some quiet time, what would you paint? Maybe you’re not a painter, but let’s assume you enjoy it and are really talented.

I would paint a sunset. Maybe throw a few mountains in the background, place a calm lake or cove in the middle, add some cardinals, cat tails, flowers, and a small boat. I imagine some whimsical clouds reflecting the colors as the sun sets behind it all. Basically, I would paint a canvas of peacefulness. A canvas of natural beauty.

I can assume that most of us would paint something positive, uplifting, motivating, peaceful, beautiful, or something that sparks happiness.

Now, if I were to ask you to paint something that reflected an anticipating event, either bad or good, or an expectation of your day ahead, or an expectation of others, would you paint the same thing as above? Or would it become something totally different, darker, and a bit messy? Maybe you would paint some things that you don’t especially like and frown upon. Something that brings tears, pain and unhappiness.

Every day, we wake up. And every day, we have the opportunity to paint our canvas. Every day, we choose our brush and where our hands take it. I don’t want to believe anyone would begin their day choosing to paint a picture of hate, despair, pain, frustration, or a list of words that bring death and hurt. However, as our days go on, and as we carry our paintings with us, we add to it a reflection of our behaviors and choices.

From our hearts, to our minds, through our arms and hands, we paint a picture of what is going on from within. Our paint brushes express our desires. I long for peace. My desire is peace. But if I’m not constantly choosing to express it, or my peace is disrupted, or I choose something else entirely, others will be affected by it; others will see it, too. It’s ultimately expressed in our words, our eyes, our behaviors, and our choices.

As an example, let me add some things on my beautiful sunset painting to reflect my day yesterday. All was peaceful and calm. But throughout the day, I could have added a snake or two. A lion hiding behind the cat tails, a vulture, a rat, some mosquitoes and a bee. That’s life. And I t’s how we deal with those additions (adversaries) that can either make the painting ugly and fearful, or beautiful and serene. It’s at those moments, when we need Jesus to take the brush. It’s at those moments, we can become God’s handiwork.

As you go through your day today, think about your canvas. What are you adding, covering up, or taking away. I suggest adding love and kindness. Patience and joy. Humility, compassion, Truth. Because at the end of the day, before you turn the lights off, and lay your head on your pillow, you can take one final look. Will you be in awe of how God used you, or regret the opportunities He gave, and missed?

The Indian Paint Brushes are in full bloom. As you pass them on the highway, or look into a pasture of thousands, thank God for the work He can do through you. Let God’s glory be shown on the canvas you choose to paint today.

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