Sitting in a restaurant booth with some friends recently, a woman beside me – who was having a conversation with a friend – chose some additional unnecessary words to emphasize her story. The muffling of the conversation was inaudible, however, one word in particular, was as clear as my water glass.

It’s not that shocking, anymore. The F-word has become a word as relaxed as any other adjective or verb. It’s been over-used, over-emphasizes, over-done, and it’s over-kill. Unfortunately, those who find it distasteful and disgraceful, can’t stop the word from penetrating into their minds. Unfortunately, #nofilter isn’t a chosen disclaimer for our ears: only for pictures.

Why do some choose to speak the way they do? Why do any of us choose particular words in conversation? To add drama and a visual aspect, I suppose.

I can be sometimes envious of those who can ignore sin.

I say that with tongue and cheek. I am actually not envious of that ability. I believe our culture is very desensitized to sin, and has made some sin cool and trendy. And some sin is masked with God’s Truth, an appealing facade. And even if you’re not participating in it, just tolerating it alone is sinful. Every day, I have this battle. Am I tolerating sin? When I think of my children, and what they are doing, or not doing, in comparison to others their age, am I tolerating their sin because it’s not “as bad”? I’ve always known it’s easy to be critical of others, more so than seeing myself as I really am. #nofilter needs to be a behavior of mine when looking in my own mirror.

I may not be an F-bomb user, but I am just as guilty with my thoughts and words. They can be offensive, and ungodly. And if the local hardware store sold “Spiritual Duct Tape”, I would buy stock. And have a roll next to every pair of reading glasses I own! Cringing at a word I find offensive, yet not cringing at my own distasteful verbiage (and thinking) is hypocritical and ridiculous. If I’m not correcting my own words (and thoughts), then how dare I find other’s chosen words even worse?

Father, I am needing constant conviction of my behaviors, attitude, and language. Correct me gently, and forgive me for breaking Your heart. Your Truth is perfect and holy, and #nofilter necessary. Thank you for Your Word!

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 1 Corinthians 10:5

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