I have a beautiful view from my backyard. And when the sun sets, it’s the perfect spot to watch the colors appear and change. Each passing moment, new colors begin to fill my eyes. My first instinct is to breathe in deep, and soak in the moment. It’s in that very moment, I have an opportunity to witness God displaying His power through His creation.

I quickly grab my camera; I don’t want to forget the moment. I don’t want to forget where the clouds, and the colors: orange, coral, turquoise, purple, white, the red and blue, are specifically placed and detailed. The reflection off the water, and through the clouds; all unique and special. No two sunsets are the same. He is so good!

But in the picture, what we don’t see, is outside the frame. His magnitude doesn’t just end where the picture ends. There is more see, more to take in and absorb. More to feel, more to embrace and remember. Outside the frame is a continuation of His glory.

And in every picture we take – whether it be of our families, a selfie, or a special celebration – it is only a small glimpse of the work God is doing in, and around our lives. Nothing can truly capture the love and power and sovereignty of God. His provisions, wisdom, and gifts. Being in moments of His glory, we get to bathe and breathe in His love and grace.

There is much more to see than just what a picture displays and reflects; the battles and struggles, the joys and celebrations, the victories and the failures. The details of our lives are so much more than just a picture.

This is a reminder that the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t true. It’s worth way more. It is only a tiny reminder of the glory and magnificence of our Father. Soak in your day outside the frame.

Father, help me to remember and see the minor details of what you are doing in my life. You are working in them, as well. May I never miss an opportunity to see You and Your work, and to praise You in Your glory.

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