I’m about to get serious…with no apologies.


Imagine a life where you don’t live once. A constant and ongoing life. Let’s call it YOLOF. It’s never ending, it’s forever. A physical life that flows into another. One that is so transparent that it almost goes unnoticed. Slight changes are happening, but really, everything seems the same. Would you want that life? Would you choose that life? Would you take extreme chances on having it? Get excited about it, without care of what others think?

YOLO! You Only Live Once!

Unfortunately, for some, YOLO is a for-sure wrapped up deal. But not for me! I’m more of a YOLOF kinda girl. I get to “keep on keepin’ on”! I get to see things; unimaginable things. Things that are beyond my human thinking. I get to have my mind blown, and my heart strengthened. I get a knowledge and understanding that even Einstein, or Hawking would be amazed. Someday, I will get to witness another life that doesn’t make sense, yet, it will.

And you can have that opportunity, too. It requires no ticket. It doesn’t require giving up sugar, or coffee, or your favorite sport. You don’t need to get in shape for it, or lose any weight. You don’t need to look a certain way, or fit in. There is no exam. Yes, some testing is required, but we’ve been given the ‘perfect Guy’ to give us all the answers. Can you imagine going into a classroom for a graded test, and being told you can have a book with every answer? Seems ridiculous, right?

So, today’s your chance! Today may very well be when God’s mercy ends in your life. Today, YOLO may come to a final end because your earthly tomorrow isn’t promised. Our earthly life has hundreds of ways it could end, yet we give in to a false hope that tomorrow will come. That it will pass. That tomorrow (as if we have a say in it), will come and our plans will be accomplished.

I’m sorry to be real with ya, but that’s not the way this life works. And until you get real with yourself and your relationship with Christ, YOLO will be reality. And I would hate to pass through this earthly life and not see your face on the other side.

Get your life right! Choose the attitude of YOLOF! I’m pleading with you, friends. Wake up, grow up, and let’s get serious about LIFE! Because you will never regret the joy and peace that comes with Jesus. Accepting Christ is an instant flow of grace that moves in, through, and around you. It’s a different kind of fun! You’re not living your best life without Him.

It is not the dead who praise the Lord, those who go down to the place of silence; it is we who extol the Lord, both now and forevermore. Psalm 115:17-18

Love you, friends

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