“The wrath of God is coming”. Colossians 3:6

Wrath. A heavy, dark, scary, taboo of a word. No one speaks it, no one thinks about it. No one preaches it. But God says, His wrath is coming. IS. Coming.

So what is wrath? Wrath is a noun, and an action. It is a term to describe punishment and correction. If you’re a parent, then you can understand that when your child misbehaves, he/she is punished. Why? Because we want them to make good choices. And all parents have their own ideas of what is “good”. We want them to listen and follow direction. Obey! We want this because it’s good for them to learn and when they learn the good but hard lessons, their lives become different; joyful, maybe even easier. Parents know what’s best for their children, and they desire their children to live a long and joyful life full of blessing.

Wrath looks bad. And yes, it can cause frightening and confusing things. Things that seem harsh, difficult, even undeserving. But when we see wrath through the eyes of God, we see only His love. We see His justice. We punish our children because we love them. And so does God. And if you’re a child of God, even though you may experience the wrath as well, we know that through the blood of Christ, we have been given mercy over a final death. Mercy on the cross.

Changing of lifestyles, especially when a lifestyle that feels comfortable and blessed, may not be what is actually good for us. A comfortable lifestyle can deter us from being compassionate and joyful givers. It causes us to turn our eyes from those in need. It causes us to be selfish, prideful, and full of vanity. We splurge on things we don’t need, when we could have used that money to do good; clothing the poor, feeding the hungry, educating the unhealthy and unwise, sharing the love of the gospel. We receive our paychecks each week, and we feel that money is entitled solely to us. For our pleasure! But God, and God alone, entrusts those with it to do His work. To be the “hands and feet” of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Wrath is God’s love. And anything that comes from God is love. It may not look like the kind of love we as humans think it should look like, but we are told to lean NOT on our own understanding. It may even cause an earthly death, but God is a god of LIFE! And the life He gives is eternal!!

I don’t know what is going on in the world. No matter the theories, both legitimate or conspiracy, God is in control. He is sovereign over all things; even this virus. He is the Creator! He allows things to happen. He is sovereign! Not to sit by and watch people suffer, but to show us Who He is! He is a God of love. He is just! And we cannot receive and fully understand His grace without His justice. And God’s justice is perfect!

I encourage a different perspective! I encourage you to look, and take notice! Ask to see this through the eyes of God. Ask God to change anything in your life that is displeasing to Him, to a life of a servant. If you believe Jesus is God’s resurrected Son, but not living as He is your Lord and Savior, then ask God to humble you and change your mind and your behaviors. To cleanse you of anything that doesn’t bring Him glory. Like washing your hands of this virus, let God wash your sins by His Son’s blood. And then, continue to live a life of worship and obedience. That is repentance! Turning away from sin. Living a life FOR Him, and not self. (John 3:30)

And I won’t get into authority stuff…but anyone reading this, please submit to our authorities. No matter what you think may be happening, we are to submit to those He has placed as our leaders. Show respect for them, and to those who could very well be in harms way. Peace.

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